Support your favorite games

There is nice and easy way how to support development of your favorite games. It’s called Flattr.

Flattr is easy way how to support your favorite content creators. Add budget to your account, choose monthly budget and then flattr some content! Your monthly budget will be distributed to content creators at the end of month. You don’t have to flattr each month and you don’t have to add budget.

Here is an example:
Let’s say you want to spent $2 to support your favorite content creators – so you make your profile, add budget and flattr 10 games (or articles, videos and so on). At the end of month each author who you flattered will get $0.2 (monthly budget / number of flattrs).  New month = new budget. Old flatters do not count and if you do not have any money on your account, you can’t flattr.

Check this out: Why use Flattr?

- If you see Flattr button under description of game, it means that you can directly support game author/sponsor and thereby motivate them to make even better games.

- If there is no button, it means the game is on public profile or the author did not filled his Flattr username

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